"Run! It’s Godzilla!" "It looks like Godzilla but, due to international copyright laws, it’s not!" "Still we should run like it is Godzilla!"

Well boys and girls, friends and neighbors, children of all ages, it just wouldn’t be life in the frickin twenty-first century, it just wouldn’t be computer work, it just wouldn’t be the internet, if there weren’t problems popin up over and over again! Dag Nabit! Carn flabit!

My spies tell me that those of you who use Mozilla based web browsers (you know who you are) may not be able to enjoy The Duh Spot to the fullest. It seems that the text on The Duh Spot is not wrapped well when viewed on some Mozilla based web browsers.

Okay, I admit it, I’m lazy. I still use Internet Explorer. Yes, I’m scum. I’m slime. I’m a menace to the golfing industry. Those of you who are self motivated enough to use one of Mozilla’s browsers are the best of the best! Competition in the free marketplace; now who can argue with that! You went with the underdog, the little guy, the innovators – and God bless you for it!

I raise my glass to you! Nastrovia!

Well, all I can say is that the site looks fine on IE. If it looks sloppy to you, I am sorry. I’m working on it. I hope to be able to fix the problem, but ya know, this blog is a form of recreation for me. It’s fun. I ain’t gettin paid for this. So if the solution to the problem is too complicated or too much work, well you’ll just have to live with the first few posts looking goofy. I think I know the root of the problem and can prevent it from cropping up in future posts. So I’ve got that going for me.

Please hang tough with me. I think we will have gobs ‘o fun here together.

Until next time, remember, there are very few problems beer and cannons cannot solve.



2 Responses to “"Run! It’s Godzilla!" "It looks like Godzilla but, due to international copyright laws, it’s not!" "Still we should run like it is Godzilla!"”

  1. IE sucks! Switch to Firefox!
    Or maybe Opera….

  2. Hal's Wife Says:

    Austin Powers is also another great source for dialogue to liven up deadly dull conversations…

    as is MXC (right you are Ken!)


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