It’s apricotilicious! Posted by Hello


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  1. well, that beer didn’t suck. how long until the pain in my forehead and hand goes away?

  2. Hal's Wife Says:

    Not that I want to monopolize the reviewing here, but check what I saw on the menu at a local restaurant!

    May I request you use your professional skills and analysis to give us your opinion?

  3. Hal's Wife Says:

    umm…the url died there — it’s supposed to show you the Young’s Beers: Double Chocolate Stout!

  4. BigRuta Says:

    Thanks for the tip! Rest assured I am aware of Young’s beers. I think that I have tasted their St. Georges’s Ale and Old Nick ( got to love a beer with the Devil on the label!) I will be on the lookout for the Double Chocolate Stout and let you know all about it! A word of caution though, it may have a coffee taste also – that is common with stouts (from roasted grains). Bottoms up!

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