NYT article on Lambics!

Hiya –

I enjoyed this article in the NYT recently about Lambics (title:
ALES OF THE TIMES; Lambics: Beers Gone Wild; May3, 2006; Eric Asimov). It’s only available for free for a short time, so read it now!

I became acquainted with lambics last year when BigRuta began a quest on my behalf to find a ‘yummy’ beer. He succeeded with Lindeman’s Peach Lambic which he brought along on our group trip and shared with all of us – Thanks again, ‘Ruta – it is WAY yummy!

Enjoy the article — and maybe some of the recommended lambics!

~Hal’s wife


7 Responses to “NYT article on Lambics!”

  1. BigRuta Says:

    Well well, a wine writer for the New York Times says that wine snobs who look down on beer snobs should try Lambic. Very cool indeed! However, I would say that the barley wine style of beer is the most like wine. Very complex flavors and high alcohol content that mature with age. Not long ago I had a 2005 “vintage” Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barley Wine style ale and it was fantastic! Spicy, complex, full, rich, crisp, everything a great beer should be! I want to try to hunt down some older years and try a vertical tasting!

    Thanks for the heads-up Bibliobabe! Now about that review you owe me…

  2. The wife and I feel that horizontal tasting is better!

  3. BigRuta Says:

    Well, that may be so, but doesn’t horizontalness lead to spills?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I read the lambic article from your post the friday before I went to a wine tasting. The wine tasting, much to my suprise, also had beer tasting tables. So when I noticed a bottle that said “lambic” I decided to give it a try. It was Lindeman’s Framboise and it was pretty good. I even got a friend to try it. She said it was “fruity for beer” which I guess is a compliment since I didn’t think she’d even try it at all.
    I also tried PEELS, which was at one of the beer tables but is apparently neither a beer nor a wine. Tasted like a wine cooler to me.

  5. BigRuta Says:


    I’m glad we were able to get you to try something new. Lambics are not everyone’s cup of tea. Please remember that not all Lambics have fruit in them. I would recommend Lindemans Gueuze. This is traditional Belgian ale. It is kind of like a combination of cider and beer. Refreshing. Give it a try.

    As far as PEELS goes, I have not been able to find a reference to a beer called PEELS on the net. My guess is that it is an anacronym for the brewery or the distribution company. If you learn any more about it, please drop a comment.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the lambic recommendation. Here’s what i found on PEELS. PEELS is a colorful unique new alcohol beverage made with real fruit juice. PEELS has no preservatives or artificial flavors; it is 100% natural and 100% unique.
    I guess that still doesn’t tell us much, but I say try all the alcoholic beverages at least once.


  7. BigRuta Says:

    Ah ha! Thanks for the link L. So, PEELS is the actual name of the beverage. They call it a FAB, but they do not define FAB. My guess would be “Fruit Alcohol Beverage.” From the description I guess this is an all natural malt liquor beverage. So why don’t they call it an ANMLB?

    Thanks again for the input, and please stick around! My update schedule is rather chaotic but you may have fun. Please feel free to contribute further comments.


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